Business Services

The Business and Economic Development Committee of the Atlantic County Workforce Development Board (WDB) is comprised of private and public sector members with the goal to bridge the gap between small to mid-sized businesses and the local workforce development system.

Primary goals include:

  • Identify employment needs of the business community.
  • Match the right employees to the right employers.
  • Effectively communicate hiring incentives and recruitment services.

Recruitment services and flexible hiring incentives are available to all local employers, including those opening or expanding county business and industry in Atlantic County. The agency has a history of producing highly trained, screened candidates that are better prepared for employment in specific fields.  The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board is authorized to provide pre-screened, pre-qualified candidates designed to meet employer needs. Dedicate your time to growing your business. Let us help you find the right employees.

In our current economic climate, it is extremely important for businesses to have ready access to qualified individuals to meet their staffing needs.  Using the shared resources of the New Jersey Department of Labor’s Business Services Representative, Employment Services and the training resources of the Atlantic County Workforce Development Board, local employment and training services are well positioned to address industry needs.

The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board is authorized to provide guidance and funding for services tied to the employment and training of eligible workforce representatives.  This training can include a number of different services that are beneficial to both the candidate for employment and the business owner.  These services include:

  1. On the Job Training- provides a 70% wage reimbursement to offset the cost of training new or existing employees while working on the job. In most cases, the training is provided by experienced workers or supervisors. (Up to $6,000 per trainee) 
  2. Customized Training- training provided to meet a specific skill need of an employer.  This training is usually provided as a cohort training and is offered as a contracted service, usually through the local community college. (Up to $5,000 per trainee)
  3. Incumbent Worker Training- This training can be provided to existing employees in order to create a more skilled worker to improve an industry’s ability to compete and prevent the potential for worker layoffs.  (Funding can include 50% of training cost, up to $5,000 per trainee)
  4. Registered Apprenticeship Programs- The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board is an approved intermediary of the USDOL Office of Apprenticeship.  As such we can assist in the development and funding of registered apprenticeship programs for the internal development and expansion of existing businesses.

For more information on business services, contact Samuel Wear at

Looking for Summer Help?

The Atlantic County Workforce Development Board can provide paid interns, 16-24 years old, to fill positions from May through August


Call to speak with a Job Development Specialist
(609) 485-0052, ext. 4824 or 4846
Atlantic County Workforce Development Board
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"The OJT Program we are utilizing has not only benefited our company financially by offsetting labors costs, but also giving the employee a path to begin training/working at our facility, as well as setting up a basis for long term employment. The documentation required by the program was simple to incorporate into our systems, including the application/approval process, contract, monthly evaluation, etc. We are in the process of having a new employee approved through the OJT Program, and we’ll look forward to doing the same with new employees moving forward."

Joseph Calio, President
Resdel Corporation
Mays Landing

"The On-the-Job Training program is just an amazing service that the ACWFD team is offering to the county. Once the candidate starts training with your organization, you will be reimbursed for a great portion of the training expenses the company takes on to get the candidate up and running in their new position. This is a win for the job seekers, and a win for your organization! And the team at ACWFD makes the process easy.”

“In addition to the training reimbursement, the ACWFD team will help you fill positions in the organization. They will help you by bringing in potential candidate matches to you, and posting on their social media services. The Clay’s Team is thankful for this service!”    

“I would recommend anyone doing business in Atlantic County to begin a relationship with the Atlantic County Office of Workforce Development and start working with them on their training programs. My only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner!”

Steve Silk, HR and Facilities Manager
Clay’s Climate Control 

“I work in four states for Royal Farms to staff our locations throughout those areas and personally, no other agency that I have worked with has really gone out of its way to help us in so many ways as we experienced with the Atlantic County One-Stop Center. The entire staff was beyond accommodating the entire time we worked to open and hire for both of our stores that opened in Egg Harbor Township. They are the absolute best at what they do and a great resource for job seekers as well as businesses in the Atlantic County area.”

Melissa Wilson, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Royal Farms
Baltimore, MD